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Welcome to the Drayton, Taverham and Hellesdon Children's Centre's
Here you can discover more about the activities, services and information we offer, including links to lots of useful web sites.

We're work along side local families with under fives, providing information, advice and a wide range of services. Help with returning to work, finding childcare, family support, family health, and much more are offered.

Some areas of our web site provide great family entertainment - here you and your children can play some of the great games and if you are new to using computers this will help you get used to using the mouse and keyboard, whilst having fun! Click here for Games.

                                  IMPORTANT INFORMATION BELOW


Please share - help stop more babies and toddlers drowning in the bath

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Public Health England (PHE) has issued an urgent alert on bath safety, and especially the use of bath seats, following a series of deaths and near misses reported by London's Child Death Overview Panels (CDOPs).

Bath seats have been implicated in each case, and according to reports, one in three deaths from accidental drowning in children aged 0-2 involve bath seats.

Katrina Phillips, CAPT's Chief Executive, said: 

"While a baby may look secure in a bath seat, they can easily wriggle or slip out. Or the seat itself can tip over and immerse the baby in water. 

"Babies can drown in just a few centimetres of water, very quickly and with no noise or struggle. They can't recognise danger and don't have the strength to try to reach the surface. This means you need to stay with your baby all the time near water - don't rely on older children to supervise.

"We fully support PHE's campaign to get a clear message out to parents and carers - bath seats may be useful pieces of kit for busy parents but they are not safety devices."

CAPT has published an in-depth article online which covers the nature of risk, advice to parents, and the real-life story of an 11-month old boy from Dundee who nearly drowned when his mum dashed downstairs to grab his pyjamas. 


Use the PHE alert along with CAPT resources to raise awareness

Many of our resources and publications cover accidental drowning, including our guidelines for practitioners, Accidents and Child Development, our booklet for new and expectant parents, Keep your baby safe, and the following essential child safety publications:

I’m only a baby, but booklet for new parents using pictures not words - £45 for 40
Now I can crawl, I can booklet for parents of crawling babies - £45 for 40
Babies - top safety tips leaflet for parents of babies - £8.45 for 50
Toddlers and up - top safety tips leaflet for parents of toddlers - £8.45 for 50


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Public Health England calls accidental child drowning in baths: "A tragic but preventable cause of child injury and death which remains an issue across the country."

The mum of the little boy who died said: "I found my child had tipped back into the water and released from the seat. The moments after that were probably the worst experience my fiancé and I will ever go through."




Accidents can be prevented.



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